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Data & Integration Partners

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your new business processing by taking advantage of the growing list of insurance carriers that now provide pending case downloads directly into SmartOffice!

To request "Pending Case Downloads" from the carriers listed below, please complete the Download Request Form and return to Zinnia at dxosupport@zinnia.com, as well as the appropriate carrier you wish to receive downloads from. You will need to complete a separate form for each specified carrier. The Carrier Contact Information link found below contains the appropriate carrier contact information required for any pending case download request.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our customer support center, or call (855) 275-3249.

Current Data Providers

American General
- American General Brokerage
American National
The AXA Group
Genworth Life
- Genworth Life & Annuity
- Genworth Life & Ann.(NYC)
- Genworth Capital Assurance
- Genworth Long Term Care
Global Atlantic
Legal and General America
- Banner
Lincoln Financial Group
- First Penn Pacific
- Lincoln Life Insurance
- Jefferson Pilot
Manulife Financial
- John Hancock Life
MassMutual (MML)
Metropolitan Life
- First MetLife Investors
- MetLife Investors USA
- General American Life
- Metropolitan Life Insurance
- MetLife Life and Annuity
- Company of Connecticut
- Metropolitan Insurance & Annuity
- MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut
- New England Financial
- MetLife Investors
- Metropolitan Tower Life
National Life Group
- National Life
- Life Insurance Company of the Southwest
North American Company for Life and Health
Pacific Life
- Pacific Life
- Pacific Life Annuities
- Pacific Life East
Protective Life
- Protective Life Insurance
- West Coast Life
- Empire General
- Prudential CO of NJ
- Prudential Insurance Company
- Prudential Life Insurance
- Prudential Select Life
The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusets
- Transamerica Life Insurance
- Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company
United Of Omaha
- Companion Life Insurance
- Mutual of Omaha
- United of Omaha
- United World
Zurich Life

Partnering with SmartOffice

SmartOffice is committed to delivering the best possible software and services to the growing financial services marketplace. By partnering with other companies to complement and extend our won capabilities, we are able to provide the most comprehensive, extensible, customer-focused solutions. If you share this vision and believe our combined strengths will increase the wholse solution for our joint financial services clients, please contact us.

Request Information: For more information about joining the SmartOffice Partner Network, please click here.

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