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Client Success Stories

A History of Smartoffice Serving
the Wealth Management Industry
Scott Bye
SDB Sports Management

"My clients – primarily professional athletes – demand personalized service. With SmartOffice, I can deliver top quality service and manage the diversity of products required to meet my clients’ constantly changing needs."

  • Manage a large number of products to serve a small, highly affluent client base
  • Deliver personalized, high-touch service to clients who change employment contracts and relocate frequently
  • Support clients with unusually high rates of life changes requiring frequent and significant planning adjustments
  • Access client data and associated documents from anywhere
  • Collaborate effectively with an assistant when on the road
  • Easily provide a snapshot view of each client's financial picture, regardless of the complexity of their portfolio
  • Offer a unique level of personalized service using timely outreach
  • Integration with Laser App ensures ability to manage frequent application submissions using the most current forms
  • Greater efficiency while on the road with the ability to access all documents and client data
  • Using a web-based solution makes it possible to work remotely 99% of the time and service clients well regardless of their physical locale

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