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Client Success Stories

A History of Smartoffice Serving
the Wealth Management Industry
Richard C. Clouse, Jr.
Goldberg Clouse & Edgell, LLC

"SmartOffice makes it easy to build stronger relationships by helping me keep track of my clients."

  • Move from a Windows-based solution to gain anytime, anywhere data access
  • Boost accountability to help ensure each team member is focused on the most important tasks
  • Increase organization across the business to reduce redundant processes
  • Provide clients with confidence that their sensitive information is safe from theft and disaster
  • 80% of all staff activity originates—and is recorded—in SmartOffice
  • Staff is much more efficient and follows a predictable, organized workflow
  • Notable increase in client satisfaction levels
  • Deliver more targeted client communication and mass email campaigns
  • Phone system integration supports tracking of outgoing calls

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